Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

After Wrap..

On April 13th, we officially wrapped “Mike India Alpha”! It was a glorious day and concluded a tough, but great 3 day shoot. Overall, we were thrilled with everyone’s performances and were pleased with the footage we got. I think no matter what though, the question of “did we get everything?” haunts you until the very end..


Thankfully, the answer to that question in our case is “yes, we did!”. Sure there’s always more we could’ve gotten and additional things we could’ve done. We’re smart enough to know though, that in this world, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. That being said though, I can’t say how important it was that we had such a meticulous plan. While we were flexible and open to changes, we still managed to stay very close to it and now, we are hours away from having our film 100% completed. Without that, who knows where we would be. We’ve already heard from a lot of people that things happened faster than they’re used to but the truth is, we didn’t rush to finish it. We had a plan since the beginning to get things done in a certain time frame for a certain amount of money, and we stuck to it. Turns out the time we planned for was the exact time we needed to give the movie the time and love it needed to come to fruition.

Thankfully, our director and our wonderful post-people (Mo our editor, Scotty our sound guy and Andrew our composer) stayed on schedule and created something truly beautiful. I know I sound like a broken record, but as a writer, this whole process was amazing to be a part of. I was lucky enough to sit in on editing and sound sessions and listened to every version of the score that was sent to us. I saw the words that I wrote on the page months ago literally come to life in front of me. Then, to see it come together cinematically with music and picture was even more amazing.

So now, once the film is 100% done, we start getting it out to people. We have a lot of kickstarter backers to get this badboy to, as well as atleast 15 festivals we’ll be submitting to in the coming months. This “post-post” process is just as important as everything leading up to it because the film needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Hopefully the film gets accepted to the festivals we submit to and once we’re there, it’s our job to spread the word even further. We’ll have to market the crap out of it no matter where we go in hopes to get recognized as a couple lady filmmakers that know their shit.


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