Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

And Now, the Fun Begins

After weeks of working our butts off, we’re now hours away from shooting. I can’t make this a long one, since I should probably be asleep by now.. 

Needless to say, my excitement is at an all time high. Lately, it’s been difficult, having to deal with all the logistics of everything. Going from a purely creative job to a more number crunching, time planning job is quite a difference. Through it all though, I haven’t lost sight of what it’s for. No matter how stressed out I was or how frustrated I got, I always just needed to think about how it was going to benefit us and this film. Everyone’s hard work is going to pay off once the camera starts to roll and our cast and crew bring our story to life. 

Watching them all work together I know is going to be a truly amazing sight to see. I’m excited to see what everyone is going to bring to the table and how everyone’s individual skill and passion will help this film truly happen. I have 110% confidence in Melissa leading the pack and I don’t think it’s because I’m biased. I can tell the cast and crew truly respect her and her vision which makes me a proud co-writer/business partner/friend. 



So I’m sure there will be other problem solving things that need to happen, but tomorrow, the fun truly begins, and I cannot wait!

Stay tuned.. 

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