Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

One Week Out

This weekend was our last before the shoot, which meant business weekend. We had a great tech scout Saturday morning with Gareth, our magnificent DP and Jerry, our wonderful AD. Melissa and Gareth walked through each scene, planning out meticulously what our day is going to look like next Saturday. They seem really confident in their plan and it was amazing to listen and watch them at work. I believe those two will make cinematic magic!


Jerry got to see the lay of the land, and also made sure to check for snakes! He’s going to run a tight ship on set to make sure we make our days and I have no doubt that he’s going to do a spectacular job!


After the tech scout, we shot over to Griffith Park to rehearse with a few of our wonderful actors. Melissa ran through the blocking of our biggest and most complex scene with Amro (Fariad), Nav (Houshmand), Fouad (Kinah) and Tyler who so graciously was Michael’s stand-in. Working through the scene was definitely helpful for all of us and I think will save us time on the day when the clock is ticking. Watching them go through the scene though, I have to admit, got me really excited. I just pictured all of them in their costumes and in the space and just the thought of it all gave me goosebumps.


The rest of the week will be jam packed as well, starting with fittings Monday and Tuesday. From there, we have props and equipment to pick up and our lead actor and my parents (crafty) are coming into town. It’s going to be crazy, but well worth it once we’re rolling on set in less than a week.

T-minus 6 days..

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