Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

Up to Speed

Oh hey! Yes, I know it’s been a while. Since my last post, a WHOLE lot has happened. Let’s start with HEY WE GOT OUR MONEY! Thanks to 266 amazing backers, we hit our goal of 30k on kickstarter 2 days before our final deadline. We had faith it would happen, but when it finally did, it was pretty great. While it was a weight off our shoulders, we knew the work was REALLY about to begin. We also changed the name of the film to “Mike India Alpha” because “Sacrifice” was just too darn popular.

I’ll be honest with you, this whole pre-production thing is pretty crazy. The rollercoaster of emotions doesn’t stop. There are so many components of making a film great, but before that, you have to have all the pieces to just make it. Since the kickstarter, our crew has grown and changed. We have some incredible people working with us who are excited and passionate about the project. I’ve always enjoyed teamwork and the idea of collaborating with talented, passionate people and I can honestly say that I’m excited to go out and make this movie with them. It takes an army to get a film off the ground, and I know that with the army we have, it’s going to take off.

Besides the crew, there are a million other logistics that need to happen in order to film anything. I’ve learned so much about insurance, permits, contracts, LLCs, unions, rental houses.. things that when sitting in my college screenwriting class, I never thought I would need to know about. I’ll be honest with you though, I’m glad I am learning it. The more educated I am in how this whole process works, the better chance I have to be in the room when decisions are being made about our work. At times, it’s overwhelming and frustrating, but it also can be empowering and exciting. With knowledge comes comfort and confidence, which I feel I’m gaining making this movie.


I’m not saying I know everything or that I could jump on a big studio movie and be a producer tomorrow. Those things take time and quite frankly, I’m in no rush. I definitely feel the pressure to get everything right, even on this little (big) movie, and I’m sure that never quite goes away. I know in the end, the result will be the most rewarding and fulfilling part. I can honestly say I can’t wait for those days to be here. Once I’m watching these amazing actors bring our story to life, or I see crew members working hard and problem solving on set to get the perfect shot, the perfect look, the perfect sound.. I’m going to be one proud lady, and all of the frustration, confusion, anxiety.. all of it will be 1,000% worth it.

This weekend, we do our last and final tech scout and a rehearsal of the big scene with our actors. Next week, we get all the last minute parts in place, and then Saturday and Sunday, we shoot this thing. It’ll be a long and exciting weekend, which I’m very much looking forward to. Both of our locations are incredible and are going to make the movie look amazing. 

Then we have a nice week break in between and back at it again on the following Saturday to wrap it up. Location wise, it’ll be a much lighter day, starting at our apartment and then moving to a friend’s house not far away for our last scene. That day will be a pretty incredible one and will hopefully not only wrap up our movie, but wrap up the amazing experience making this movie will be. Needless to say, I’m excited.


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