Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

Why we need YOU

Yes, I’m talking to YOU!

Today we shot our kickstarter video that we will post when we launch our campaign on February 1st. We know how important this video is because it’ll explain to everyone out there what this project means to us and why we need to raise the money we need to. The truth is, we can’t do this alone. It would be great if we could, but in this business, you can only get so far if you don’t have the money. We may live in Hollywood, but we don’t have Hollywood money (yet).  The beauty in that though, is that with your help, we can take a big and necessary step in that direction.

A lot of this business is who you know and what you can do. It’s hard to get a break here unless people know that you can do amazing things. Once they see that though, a lot more opportunities come to light. But, this film isn’t only about us. This story touches so many people because it’s real to life. So many people have had loved ones in the military, or have served themselves. It’s a part of our country that we’re proud of and that we respect whole heartedly. We wrote this film because we believe in the story and we feel like it honors those men and women that serve in our military every day.

 I believe in this project, but I also believe in all of you. I believe that we have a support system out there that not only believes in our story and can relate to it, but people that believe in us.

T-minus 5 days til launch.


We’d like to thank graphic designer and family friend, Mike Gafrancesco for designing our awesome new poster!

Image003(Revised) (1)

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