Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

A Foxy Operation

Another eventful week for the Fina L’eau ladies.. It was my turn to take on the task of getting our script to an actor. Luckily my wonderful Aunt Alyssa was able to get tickets to Jimmy Kimmel, the same night Matthew Fox was a guest. Matt just happens to be one of our top picks for Nathaniel. Fate. So I printed out a copy of the script and the look book, put it in an envelope and off we went.

Image When we walked into the green room, I surveyed the scene, as one does in these situations. Right away, I located his dressing room and noticed his door was open. Knowing actors, this is a great sign. There were also two security guards standing at the start of the hallway. We became instant friends. Right before the show started, I chatted up with one of them about the script and asked him if he could tell Matt that I wanted to give him something. He said he would try, so he went back into his dressing room and came back with Matt, followed very closely by his publicist. It all happened very fast, but I handed it to him and I told him it’d be great if he could take a look at it, and he said “great, thanks” and headed back to his dressing room. His publicist said some things about his agent, but at that point it didn’t really matter, he had it. It didn’t really hit me though until after the show was over. We were sitting right by his dressing room when he left. As he walked out, people all around him, he had nothing in his hands except for the envelope. It may mean absolutely nothing, but in that moment, it made me feel really awesome, like I had accomplished something. Again, who knows what will come of it, but we just know that no opportunity can pass us by.


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