Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

A Day in the California Wilderness

Today we hit the 2 weeks out mark for our teaser trailer shoot. This weekend our focus was finding all of our locations. Melissa had done some research about some state parks nearby to check out. We got up early Saturday morning and headed to Malibu with our DP. It was a rainy and chilly kind of day, but it worked out nicely for us. Malibu Creek State Park was our first stop. It was a litte crowded in spots, but absolutely gorgeous. We found some really great spots to take photos and a great spot (below) to shoot a scene for the teaser. We’re hoping that we’ll get there early enough on the day of the shoot so there aren’t any random bystanders.

Then we took the drive up the road to the Paramount Ranch where there’s an old west town. The town is really awesome and will be another great spot to get some photos. Also, right outside the town itself, we found the big wide open space our director was looking for.

ImageSo now, we have all of our locations, including some back-ups incase we need to hop around a bit. We’ve got our 5 actors and are putting together their wardrobe. I’m hoping to lock down all of our props this week, and then we’ll be in really good shape.

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