Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

Plan of Action

The next step in this whole process now is to shoot a teaser trailer. When we first talked about  making the movie, we went back and forth as to whether or not we should shoot a trailer first. Ultimately, we decided that a trailer would be a waste of time and money if we needed all the same elements we would eventually need to shoot the actual film. After some consideration and discussion, we figured out that the best of both worlds would be to shoot something easy but still compelling enough to make people want to see more. Melissa and I put together a quick script that isn’t a scene in the film, but shows thematically what the movie will be.  Since one of our awesome producers, Lindsey Copeland, will be in the LA area, we’ve decided our shoot date will be Sunday November 4th.


So now with a script and shoot date, we will spend the next few weeks locking down a small crew, cast, location, wardrobe and props. We went wardrobe shopping this weekend and found some really great stuff. LA vintage shops are tops. We plan on doing some location scouting this weekend  We’re talking to some cast and crew and will hopefully have those in place by the end of this week.

Good things my friends, good things..

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