Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

The Process Begins

So we have 94 pages of what we think is a solid script ready to shoot. Now what? What we’ve learned so far is that an important element that we need right off the bat is a budget. Neither of us have ever determined a budget before, nor do we know for sure how to correctly, but we are willing to accept the challenge. We’ve decided to each tackle the script in a different way.

As the director, Melissa is breaking every scene down into a shot list, basically turning her internal creative brain vision into something concrete that she will eventually share with the DP. Image

I’ve decided to take on the actual script breakdown, and not just because I enjoy highlighting. Breaking down the script by location, characters, time of day etc which will put us in a good position to determine a budget.

It’s not a quick or easy process for either of us, but we’re moving right along. Once we’ve figured out a budget, we can start reaching out to actors, crew members and potential backers.

Hopefully those smiles on our faces will be a constant through this whole thing 🙂


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