Melissa Marlette & Jen Vestuto

Fina L’eau: The Beginning

November 2011- NYC: Melissa was working as a first team PA on a TV show and was in desperate need of a good helper. Through a chain of connections, she took a chance on someone she had never worked with and frankly, didn’t know a thing about. That chance was me..

For reasons we’ll never know, the two of us clicked immediately. It didn’t take either of us long (about lunch time that day, in fact) to realize that we were going to be a solid team.

It took us a day or two after that to realize our teamwork would go above and beyond our daily PA jobs. We started discussing movies, the scripts we had written and ideas for future scripts. Melissa pitched me a morsel of an idea that she’d been tossing around and a spark went off in my head. From there we developed and began to write “The Last to Fall”, which would be our first feature length script.

And there, friends, is how Fina L’eau came to be..


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